Episode 67

Published on:

20th Jun 2023

Guest: Mike Signorelli (Can A Christian Be Possessed?)

The key is understanding the difference between "possessed" and "demonized." This broadcast will open your mind to the reality that believers have still got demons to deal with!

 @MikeSignorelli_  is a voice in this moment. God is using him to bring understanding to a much neglected, misunderstood, and dismissed topic - DELIVERANCE! But he is much more than that.

Mike is a Husband, Father, and mentor to thousands. He pastors V1 Church (Two Campuses in NY and one in IN). He is an author, YouTuber, and Christian Influencer.

Together with his fellow "Demon Slayers" (podcast name), they are bringing clarity to the spirit realm and the reality that "deliverance is the children's bread."

Ways to contact Pastor Mike and take advantage of the many resources his ministry offers.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MikeSignorelli_

Website: https://mikesignorelli.com/

V1 Church: https://v1.church/

Resources: https://mikesignorelli.com/resources/

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